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GA headset to helicopter headset adapters - wiring diagrams?

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Hi there, relative new guy here and starving student working on CFI...looking for a little help.


I need a couple of these adapters that convert GA headsets with dual leads to helicopter. Only trouble is they start out around $45 a pop, and that's for a dodgey one. So I want to draw on my skills as an electrician and build a couple of them (spares of anything are always handy!). I know they are not difficult to build, but I don't have any idea of the wiring configuration...perhaps there is a resourceful person out there who can direct me to the information I seek...I've googled and yahoo'd but I'm stuck at square one. I've attached a picture of what I'm trying to make.


Help is always appreciated and reciprocated where possible.


Thanks in advance...




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Would think you could trace the wires from a borrowed one with an ohm meter or get someone here to do it for you, then order the parts from Digi-Key. Should be cheap and effective. I have an adapter and an ohm meter, but not in a position to do it at the moment or I would myself. Maybe later if no other responses.

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I went and bought a replacement helicopter cord from sporty's, $36 I believe. It took a little work, but I got it stuck in there and it works beautifully. I think I still have a schematic and I can give you instructions. PM me if you would like more.



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