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weight and balance program for PDA


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Does anyone know of a R22 Beta 2 weight and balance program that will work on a Palm PDA?



How about any other useful flying programs? I already have Logbook Pro.






you cant run Excel on a PDA ? I don't use one, so I really dont know, but plenty of R22 WB Excel programs out there...

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The best flight program for Palm, by far, is Copilot. It's a complete flight planning program, and freeware. It does everything you could ever need a flight planning program to do. You can download many aircraft, including R22, and complete waypoint files, for airports, heliports, and whatever you want.


Wow! Looks great! Anything similar for pocket PC?

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I came across this for Windows mobile. I wish I had a pocket PC to use that with...


This software is awesome, but it's pretty much of no use for us living outside USA (weather services, airport data, FARs, etc.). If I would live in the States, I would not hasitate a moment buying it!


Is there something more "basic", with CG calculations and, maybe E6B?

I have tried to use excel spreadsheets that I use on a PC, but it is pretty anoying because of the screen size.

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