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OT: anyone do remote control AC?


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Got into them a few years ago with a Century Hawk Sport. Then got a little Blade CP which I learned to finally hover with and last year got one of those Air Hog microhelis. Tons of fun chasing around the kids the animals with that one. :)

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Here's a few videos of my prowess behind the controlls of an RC aircraft.


Sorry no helo's. My personal preference is to cram as many watts into as small as an airframe as possible.







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here's one on my TREX 600E (600mm blades)
This is going to be my AP machine once I get my underslung camera mount sorted out. I also have a Raptor 50, TREX 450 and a Eflite CX2 coaxial.


still prefer the 1:1 scale machines :P




What kind of camera do you use. I have an eDVR mini camera I've mounted on my 700 Watt A-10.


Here's a belly cam from our local flying field.




Don't those EDF's sound great?


I have differential thrust on the A-10 and you can here me going back and forth on the engines to keep my line on takeoff.

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I have a Blade CP Pro but don't get to fly it much. There isn't much room around here to fly it and I only have 2 batteries so bringing it to a park is almost not worth because the flight time is so short. At the moment it's got a broken servo that I've been meaning to replace. It's a lot of fun to fly even though I only know how to fly it tail in. :D

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Learned how to fly RC helicopters in 1992 with a Concept 30.


Payload capacity was too small for all the electronic junk I was flying so, went to an X-Cell Gas graphite in 1993




Payload capacity was too small so, went to Civic Helicopters in 1994.




Current state of payload capacity.




The flyable originals of the Concept 30 & gas X-Cell are still around.



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