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National Guard and the GOM


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I know a guy who flew for Air Log and was also Louisiana Air Natl Guard until he went full-time with his ANG unit as an IP. I never heard anything bad about how he was treated or anything like that.

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I currently fly in GOM and for the guard. It's no big deal really. My company is very user friendly when it comes it this. Almost all my drills are at the first half of the month so, my hitch starts during the second half. I do all my AFTP's on my 14 days off. I am scheduled for UH-60 IPC in the fall and its about 6 weeks long and I let them know as soon as I found out and they have no problem with it at all. But, remember I said that most all of my drills are at the first half of the month not all. I know for sure I have drill in April that will conflict with work but, I have a very cool commander who also flies commerically for an EMS company and knows the deal. So, it's give and take on both sides. Hope this helps and good luck. If you have any more questions just PM me.

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