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Looking for partiually built Rotorway 162 Kit....anyone anyone ??


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Looking for a kit that someone may have started but gave up on for one reason or another.



just watch Ebay, sometimes there are 3 or 4 at a time for sale.

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Here is a few links to help you in your search.


I would look closely at Joe's bird its a prim example of a perfect Rotorway helicopter.

Well kept, And is himself a GOOD Source of information.

Joes link to his Rotorway 162



Revision history sight, good to know what parts are what

Revision history for Rotorway helicopters


I just sold my Rotorway exec, 162 So if you need any help locating parts PM me the part numbers and Ill help if I can.

and don't be afraid to stop in at http://www.rotorwayfun.com/ and poss your questions there, many helpful people and links to related subjects



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nothing as of tonight tho, but there is a bell 47J for sale!!!



A 47J ? You could buy that and pretend your the president ( It used to be the presidential ship)...look how far we have come !!


Has anyone ever flown a J model? There is a lot more weight...I would guess its a lil gutless....



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I expect you're well aware of this, but just in case...

The best source for Rotorway info on the web is the Rotorway Owner's Group forum:



Lots of advice available there about construction pitfalls to avoid, etc. If you're thinking of buying a partially built kit, you'll want to carefully evaluate any work that's been done so far. ;)

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