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Criminal Background Checks?


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I have searched here and did not find an answer. I was arrested when I was 18 yrs old and received a felony on my record. I am now 35 yrs old have not been in trouble since. Will this prevent me from flying in the GOM?


That really all depends on what the case was related to. Read FAR 61.14 thru 61.18. The one area that is not clearly defined is the approval of TSA and what criteria they use. If you get licensed, then its just up to each individual company's policy as to who gets hired. I dont think the GOM has any different requirements than anywhere else...its really a company decision.



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Thank you Goldy,



I read FAR and my offense does not relate to drugs or alcohol and I don’t have a DUI or any traffic tickets; it was a burglary that resulted from taking some items from a friend’s house which one of the residents (a minor) was involved.


I am currently taking my PPL and will be ready to solo in the next week or so, how would I find out if I would be disqualified from holding a commercial certificate before I proceed with training? Would I talk to the FAA or TSA?

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Seems to me that would be an FAA thing. Do you have a 2nd class medical? Other than that, it sounds like you'd just have to call any helicopter company you'd like to work for.

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