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One question,

If my boss buys a Helicopter from Robinson and he wants me to ferry it back to our company, do i have to comply with the FERRY-Flight requirements ?


Or are the ferry flight requirements just for the people, who ferry the R22s and R44s FOR the FACTORY (Robinson) to the person / company that bought the Heli ?



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this is what I found that might pertain to your question


§ 121.597 Flight release authority: Supplemental operations.


(a) No person may start a flight under a flight following system without specific authority from the person authorized by the operator to exercise operational control over the flight.


(B) No person may start a flight unless the pilot in command or the person authorized by the operator to exercise operational control over the flight has executed a flight release setting forth the conditions under which the flights will be conducted. The pilot in command may sign the flight release only when he and the person authorized by the operator to exercise operational control believe that the flight can be made with safety.


© No person may continue a flight from an intermediate airport without a new flight release if the aircraft has been on the ground more than six hours.


[Doc. No. 6258, 29 FR 19222, Dec. 31, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 121–3, 30 FR 3639, Mar. 19, 1965]

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Robinson has several requirements for all pilots ferrying helicopters from the factory. I have the sheet I got from when I went to the course last year, somewhere.


Among them are total hour and make and model time, Safety Course, intended route requirements.


I'll see if i can find the sheet.

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I just made the trip for TOA to SRQ as PIC. But I was with a pilot that has made the trip several times and he is a CFII as well. Of course we called ahead before the flight to verify that it was within there policy and procedures. I plan on doing it that a couple more times. There are so many things to learn I don't know where to start. For starters it's more then a ferry flight. It's a shake down flight. So you have to be prepared as best as possible. For example we had a bad low fuel light sensor on our R44 Raven II which forced us to land at truck stop in the middle of nowhere. We also had a problem with the the rotor rpm's being on the low side of the green area. Checking the belts, nuts, fluid levels at every refueling stop and so on. Hey Franks good at what he does but I believe in having the deck stacked in my favor as much as possible. I have made my notes along the whole route and have contingencies. Simple things like following highways as much as possible add a level of safety. Just keep plugging away at it. After talking to several pilots that have made the trip they all have one thing in common, they get sick of the ferry flights after a while. This means ferry pilots will always be needed.

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