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Too lazy to search.

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I've seen on several car forums where certain words will be highlighted, and when you click on the word it'll bring you to some type of advertising, which is kind of annoying. But being the noob that i am, most of the air craft that are referenced are unfamiliar to me. So i was pondering a merger of the annoyingness of the advertiseing with the usfullness of this website.

Could it be possible to put togeather some sort of pic gallery with aircraft that when ever that aircraft is referenced it would automaticly form a link to the pic of the aircraft referenced??

Now its not so much that im too lazy to search for the pic, its just that it sux having to interupt the reading of the thread or post to seek out what aircraft is the topic of discusion.


I have no knowlage of how hard somthing like this would be to create, but it would be an awsome tool if it were availibe.

And if it werent too hard to create a function of this type. It would be nice to be able to reference the FAA rules and reg's by the same nature.


Just my ponderings

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