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Color Vision

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So here's the issue that has been plaguing me for the past three years and keeps me from committing to full time training to become a professional helicopter pilot... I have color vision problems! Red/Green deficiancy, like 10-15% of the male population, but its not so bad that I can't pass certain vision tests. Currently I hold a 2st class medical with no restrictions. I passed a Keystone color vision test about a year ago, but passing the Ishahira plates is extremely difficult! I know that if I eventually fail a color vision test with a different AME, he'll put the restriction for no flying at night and no light gun signals. Of course I can always go back and pass another test (or pass the light gun test) and have the restriction removed and be given a clean medical with a letter of evidence. My question for anyone out there would be... does holding that letter of evidence hurt my chances for employement? I would be devistated to invest so much time and money into something and then have my dream crushed a few years down the road when I apply for jobs. Would an employer feel I am a liability because I have a slight color vision problem and can't pass certain tests?

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