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Cozumel R44 rental?


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My sister is having a wedding in Cozumel this November. I was just wondering if there were any operators down there that would charter an R44.


Does anyone have any experience with this down there? What are the requirements when renting aircraft in Foreign countries? How do you find good operators?


Thanks for the help

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My girlfriend and I just spent Christmas week in the Yucatan.

We flew our fixed wing over to Can Cun from the Florida Keys then flew to several other cities and sights.

There's a Huey doing tours off a roof top in Can Cun and I saw a 44 fly up the coast between Playa De Carmen & Can Cun but I never saw anything regarding helicopter rentals in the area. It would be a really fun place to have a helicopter.

Rick Gardner at Carribean Sky Tours in Can Cun helped us with all the paperwork, clearing customs, etc., enabling us to fly around Mexico. Rick and his wife Pia offer custom planning for aircraft tours to individuals or groups that want to fly their own aircraft around Mexico. They also offer air taxi service.

Check out their website at www.caribbeanskytours.com

They are very nice people and I'm sure they can answer your questions.

They know everybody-



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Thanks for the info... I'll follow up with Carribbean Sky tours and see if they can point me in the right direction.


There is a company out in Cancun with an R44. He also has a UH1 both on a roof of a building just over a little bridge just north of Cancun proper.


Here's a satellite picture. They are right where that cloud is just west and north of the bridge.





Here's him taking off -


One can just make out the number on the side of the building: www.tofly7.com


Looks like they have a school so they might rent?


Hope this helps.



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