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Picture.......Heli Husky!


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....or it could be a Malimute, not sure. Anyway, a visitor sent this really great pictureto me. I thought I should share it. It is posted in the VR Galleries.


Heli Husky pic

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If that's a tour dog, it's an Alaskan Husky. No breed registry, essentially a high-performance mutt. But with a distinguished and well-tracked lineage to those in the know.


Mals have brown eyes ONLY.

Sibes have the blue eye gene.

Alaskans have everything from Mal to Sibe to Greyhound and Pointer and all the characteristics in between, often with mismatch and marbled eye color!


~emily HG03


btw. Why was there a loose dog near the chopper? That's a no-no in my dog camp, for sure. For pilot AND musher!

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Hello everyone,

First of all THANKS Lyn for posting this pic for me. For all who are wondering it is a Malamute. Purebred, supposedly. His name is Kona and belongs to the Heli-Skiing owner/guide. According to the owner this dog is a avalanche rescue dog and was given a full briefing by the pilot so he knows that going back by the tail rotor is forbidden. :D He is also trained to attack if anyone ventures back there. Can't you tell with that mean snarl he has on his face? :P

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