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300C and 333

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Its been tried and hasnt worked at High Desert Heli in Utah. They planned to have prof. pilot program students do 10hrs in the 333 to get the turbine experience but it didnt work because the students figured out that they didnt "need" it. Sure it would have been helpful but most students spend only as much of their money as they feel they must. The SFAR bull$h!t is why the r44 is accepted as a training heli. People feel they need the hours to ever get a job. No one has ever satisfactorily explained to me what makes Robinson products so special.

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well said helliboy....


I believe the 300/333 combo could work IF you offer the 333 at the right price... The same price as the R44. Now who is going to rent the 333? Who will need to when the 300C can do everything you need at initial training... IFR VFR.. what more do you need. The only reason the 44 is gaining popularity is Robinson is pushing it as the trainer and discontinuing IFR R22's. Also the weight issue..

Kinda like people learning to fly in a 172 instead of a 152.


So you could have a 333 to do some light commercial work with and offer it at a low rate to entice students into some turbine time. I don't think it will find the success as the 44.


So basically turbine time is just not that important at the initial training point when you'll end up teaching in piston helicopters.

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The R-44 is accepted as a training helicopter because it can be configured as an instrument trainer for a fairly low price, about the same as a 300C instrument trainer. The 333 is quite a bit more expensive than the R-44, and has insurance issues related to turbine aircraft that the R-44 does not have.


The R-22 instrument trainer has not been built in many years, as it should be, they weight too much and are not very useful. We used to have one, but found that most students simply could not fly in it due to weight and forward CG issues. Now we have a R-44 instrument trainer instead, along with a 300CBi instrument trainer.

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Thanks guys. I just don't really like Robinson stuff that much.


The hour cost could be made to compete with the R44. For IFR training, I've saw 333's with 3 sets of controls so you can train 2 students at a time, I would think that could be pretty useful.


Do you guys think the R22 will get discontinued after the R66 comes out?

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