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Wanted to introduce myself

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First thing I wanted to say was thanks to everyone who posts useful information on this site. I have found it a huge help for questions that I have had.


I just wanted to let everyone know a little about myself, as I plan to be coming to the forums for help in the future.


I am a 21yr old student from Minnesota looking to get picked up for WOFT. I'm currently enlisted National Guard as a mechanic (63B) and am trying to go active. I already put in for my conditional release and am awaiting my AFAST and physical. I scored a 97 on the ASVAB with a 137 GT. I haven't had a APFT since AIT when I scored about a 270. I run like crazy and if I took it now I could probably max. I will graduate college in Dec. 08 with about a 3.4 GPA in Finance


Also I am having Lasik on Feb. 6 so as to qualify for aviation (assuming I get the waiver).


I don't expect to get all my packet done for quite some time, but if anyone has suggestions I am always ready to listen. After basic and AIT I realized I really enjoy the Army and plan to make it a career.


I apologize for the length, but I just wanted to put myself out there.

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