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WOW! Thank You!


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:D I just want to say thank you to everyone that has PM'd me in the last hour or so! I have recieved everything from welcomes to the World of Helicopters to Advice on Flight Schools!


I have been coming to this fourm for awhile now as a guest and reading along and trying to get my information gathered in order to make a decision on my flight training. I never imagined how wonderful all of you members are to help out a newbie with information, it is greatly appreciated!!!!!!


I feel this is a wonderful start to my new goal!




Sorry if this was off topic but I felt it was needed to be said!



Safe skies,



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You're lucky to have just an addiction...that can be 'fixed' (maybe unfortunately). Others, well, we gots THE AFFLICTION. Lifelong disorder with no known cure. And I'm glad for it :D




Cheers to ya. Keep the gang here posted on your progress. If you need further inspiration, visit Chopper Chick...Send "D" a post. I, for one, am very happy that more talented girl pilots are filling the PIC seats.



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