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Heli Expo 2004

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I plan be at the Expo providing video coverage of the event for the Helicopter Association, so be sure to smile. :D    


In support of this project, I am looking for experienced camera operators/editors who are also helicopter pilots or students - somebody who understands the industry - to shoot and/or edit during the Expo.  This would be a paying gig, with travel and accomodations taken care of.  The footage will be shot on DV and edited with Premiere Pro; and I'm expecting a busy schedule with fast turnarounds.


Serious responders only, please.

email to skyfocal@skyfocal.com


See you there!

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There's at least 12 of us from Midwest Helicopter heading out on Mar 13th.  We're all staying at the Luxor at the south end of the strip ($89/night).  Myself and two students are taking the powerline course on Sunday, then going to the show Monday & Tuesday.  I think everybody else are taking a rent-a-van out to Hoover Dam on Sunday.


For all the students going to the show........don't forget to go to www.heliexpo.com and register for the job fair and mentoring forum.  You'll get free show passes for Monday, then its $25/day for Tuesday & Wednesday.


Can't wait....It's going to be a freakin' awesome.  Who else is going?



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Coming down for the convention and thought we (wife and I )would stay a few extra days and take in some sites, then SHE suggests we take a heli tour of the Grand Canyon. So was wondering if anyone on the forum knows where one can get a great deal price wise for a Canyon tour. Would love to fly myself but its a bit of a jaunt from Edmonton Alberta Canada. Thanks
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Had a great time at Heli Expo.  I was really hoping to get to meet some of you guys, didn't see anyone.  I did meet Neville and Dan from HeliOps, Really nice guys, enjoyed talking to them.

Lots of helicopters, I walked around with a stiffy all day :D

I will be getting going on school here in the next month or so, hopefully will get to meet some of you in the future. :cheers:  rotorheadsmiley

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