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Notice inviting Epression of Interest (EOI) Heli's needed.


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Island Conservation (a science-based organization)


Notice inviting Expression of Interest (EOI) #000/2008


Helicopter Services for Aerial Rat Baiting.


Island Conservation, a science-based organization, has partnered with The Nature Conservancy and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to restore seabird habitat by removing introduced rats from Rat Island (6,670 acres) in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. The method of eradication is an aerial broadcast of a grain pellet containing rodenticide from a specialized spreader bucket slung beneath a helicopter. Island Conservation intends to hire the services of one helicopter operator with upwards of 2 helicopters to broadcast bait from buckets guided by Differential GPS (DGPS). The bait will applied in two-concerted application beginning in October 2008.


Scope of Work

Island Conservation requires upwards of 2 helicopters for the aerial broadcast of rat bait and movement of bait (103 ton), fuel (5,000 gal), and field equipment (10 ton) from ship to shore. The operation will be conducted in one or two possible phased scenarios, with bait staging in July 2008 and aerial broadcast in October 2008. A single-phase operation will be considered should no compliant helicopters be available for both phases. Approximately 200 hours will be required to complete the project for a 1100 lb. capacity helicopter.


Technical Requirements

Helicopters of the same make and model capable of lifting minimum external useful load of 1100 lbs will be required. Company and pilots requirements include FAA 137 Agricultural Operator Certificate, FAA 133 External Load certificate, compliance with AMD qualifications, and ability to provide one licensed A & P mechanic onsite. Experience working and operating helicopters in remote environments and often-severe weather required. Minimum 500 hours experience using helicopter spreader bucket and parallel flight guidance systems (DGPS) required.


All interested parties can direct inquiries and/or receive a copy of the EOI form by contacting:

Stacey Buckelew (email: stacey.buckelew@islandconservation.org)

715 L St, Suite 100

Anchorage, Alaska 99502

(907) 276-3133 ext 110


The closing date for submission is 7th March 2008.

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