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SSH at it again!!!

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Jerry...you must have a death wish!



By Michael Randall

Times Herald-Record

February 05, 2008

STEWART AIRPORT — Eight months ago, Silver State Helicopters flew into town, promising to teach students how to fly just about any chopper except the ones they use in the military.


But yesterday, its office at Stewart International Airport was locked, its employees were out of jobs and its 60 to 70 students, who came from as far away as Long Island, were stuck part of the way through their $70,000 training courses.


News reports were appearing about similar occurrences at some of Silver State's 33 other locations across the country. The firm is based in Nevada.


But yesterday there was no clear answer as to why the company shut its doors practically overnight.


"I was supposed to fly this afternoon," said student Bob Perrotta, a City of Poughkeepsie police detective who was preparing to retire and pursue a new career.


Perrotta got a call from his flight instructor telling him not to bother showing up.


Paul Grayson, a student from Middletown, had a similar experience. His flight instructor text-messaged him during the Super Bowl Sunday night.


"Apparently, they just decided they were going to close and lock the place down," Grayson said.


Silver State did not respond to messages left by phone and e-mail yesterday.


An e-mail purportedly written by Silver State's president, Jerry Airola, was being circulated on the Internet yesterday. It blamed the shutdown on "crippling" problems in the lending industry. The e-mail held out some hope for reopening later, but encouraged employees to find other work if they can. It said students would be contacted later.


The sudden closing caught people like potential student Rich Morholt off guard. He drove 40 miles from Matamoras, Pa., yesterday to keep an appointment to meet with Silver State staff. He found only an unemployed flight instructor when he arrived.


"I thought this would be a good last job," the 58-year-old retired trucker said.



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