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I happened to find this over on the Robinson Helicopter Owners Group Site at:




It is in the Cafe JAFO section. From what I gather the website administrator put there as gathering spot for just the SSH people (not owners?)


I know there were a lot of SSH people who used to frequent the site. In fact if I'm not mistaken, it was RGOG that first broke the news about SSH. I know for a fact they had the first pics of the R66 as well as first pics of it flying. They seem to have a lot of inside on RHC stuff. Nothing on other helicopters, however :angry:


I've personally had a couple of calls from some of the local SSH students asking if I could direct them to another instructor in the Tulsa area. As an R44 owner, I was able to give them the name of the only local CFI available. In speaking with him it seems there will be no way for him to take on the new students due to lack of time. Of course he tells me he isn't sure how many of the people calling him can actually do training due to a lack of funds. It seems SSH got everyone's money first :angry:

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