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A way ex-SSH student might get their money back

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This was send to me from a student and as a former employee and just a honorable person I felt it important that this info be available....If anyone has any question feel free to email me at airborneben@gmail.com


I really hope that this helps an that everyone that was in the middle or their training get all of the money that they did not use....best of luck everyone.




Hey . . . I just wanted to keep passing information as I received it.


This was posted at http://www.silverstatefamily.com -- a website devoted to everyone in this situation.


Just an FYI . . . not sure of the accuracy, but thought I'd pass on the website and the info.






For all Former Students of Silver State Helicopters!


I was able to contact a representative of Jeanette McPhearson at the 702-228-7590 number... and I have good news... there are over 6000 creditors on the list already. Chances are, you were on it and didn't know. I spoke with a representative named Angela, and she verified my information and said I am on the creditor list. I asked a few questions regarding how we should get on the list or find out that we are on the list. Due to the amount of creditors on the list she requests that you -DO NOT CALL- this week. They are compiling the list and as we speak sending out letters of comfirmation to ALL creditors. Don't worry, you still have time. They said letters are being sent as fast as they can send them. She assured me that they should be finished sending them out by this weekend. BUT- if you do not get a letter by the end of NEXT WEEK. Then you may contact them via the # but they prefer to get contact via emails to: info@s-mlaw.com where they will be glad to answer any questions regarding additional creditors to be added to the list. So please be patient and wait until the end of next week to notify them that you have not received the letter. When you receive the letter, follow it's instructions, make copies, and return the needed info to them, so that you can confirm that you are a creditor.


Jarrod Catlett

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Ok guys some basics ... It is in SSH benefit to list you as a creditor. How can they get the court to dismiss their debt if they dont list their debt to you ? If I might suggest, since it will be public record, is to have them forward the full list to you, and you can post it on the SSHfamily website for all to view.


This will help both you the students and SSH in disseminating this information.

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