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Turbine Time - Experience, and Fun


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I am a 100hr Private pilot looking to get a little time in other ships, for the experience, but also for fun.


Anyone in North Carolina able to provide dual time in MD500s, Bell 206s, 407s or even a UH1? I am willing to spend some money to learn. I have found many outfits can't do this unless I am already commercially rated, which I am not, at this moment.




By the way - let me slightly amend that. Anyone within a roughly 250nm range of KSVH (Statesville, NC)is fine, you don't have to be in NC.

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I had a friend that got some 206 time at Helo Air in (I think) Virginia for around $130/ hour.

Got to log PIC and actually start it and fly around doing ENG. I think they may have even done

a few autos. I think Marpat has a Huey and a 206B.


And here is why you can't get $130 turbine time anymore at HeloAir.



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I'm game as soon as it's ready as long as I can preflight it and see that it's safe ! :).


Monroe is a ridiculously short flight from here.


I fly out of Monroe NC (KEQY). !5 min east of Charlotte. What part of NC are you in?


I am a CFI and I own a 500. I also train in 22's and 44's. My ship is a 369a and registered in standard cat. I would be happy to talk to you about some training. You can email me at Jtravis1@carolina.rr.com


It is currently being repainted, and should be back on line is a month or so.





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The low prices you see some times are "Ride along". They already have a paying mission they are performing and they let you sit in for it. It may be flying traffic or some other mission.


Turbine specific training, generally starts about $600/hour and goes up from there.

My turbine training goes for $330.00 per hour. It is not ride along. The $30.00 increase is because of the price of fuel. I do not think you'll find anything any cheaper. I would change the MARPAT banner to reflect the increase, but it is a bit of a hassle to do a new one. When, and if the price of fuel goes down, the hourly rate will follow. Of course if it goes up, it will have to follow also. Again, this is for student training, commercial work goes for a lot more.


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