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7/7 14/14 shifts


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I hear about folks working the 7/7 or 14/14 and I mostly hear getting home to family and the long commutes. But I'm really curious if anyone takes off and goes where ever. Home state, or maybe hops on their motorcycle and rides off, or explores the surrounding states, visits friends in other states or just pursueing different hobbies? The idea of having 2 weeks off is mind blowing. I have no wife or kids so my thing would be traveling all over the US...all the places I couldn't go or do while I drove OTR. Have so many interest in different things that I'd never be bored. Heck, hop in an empty box car on a freight train and see where you go.(yes I already do it). Then go to a temp service and work a couple days for day labor groups then in two weeks be back to work via Greyhound. Or hop on the motorcycle and take off. Cheap on gas and camp out. Think how far you could get in a kayak in 10 days. Ride my bicycle across Arkansas. Find strange places to go scuba diving. Even voluteer my time to worthy causes. The list goes on and on. Are their some of you who do this type of stuff, maybe who aren't home bodies. I personally have no desire to be married and girls always come and go so its not like I want to be a loner but I just don't want to be tied down. Though I have NO desire to be a job hopper. I'd prefer to find a company and stick with them unless it makes clear sense to move on. Anyway, if you go this route I'd love to here about your lifestyle.



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Matt you pretty much nailed down my game plan. work 14/14 hopefully, hop on the Harley and cruise! like you I saw many cool places that I couldn't stop and visit when I was OTR. Single and free here and plan to stay that way. like sir mix-a-lot said " no sluts so my pockets stay fat " hahahha

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I've been working in the Gulf for a little bit, and it seems like most people here return to an established home on their days off. It seems like people down here desire that separation from work by returning home to rest and recuperate.


Also, the average age at my base is, how should I say this; advanced? So most people here have a family to return to and don't seem to desire much traveling on their time off. I'm sure a younger person would enjoy a traveling lifestyle much more. Just remember that traveling costs money, you would have to pay for hotel rooms instead of rent, eating out instead of saving money, and of course, gas money.

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Yes, you are right about traveling costing money and this is something that I have thought about. And I have come up with a few options.


1) Traveling by motorcycle can keep gas prices down; and it helps that I love riding :)


2) Camping is cheap also, plus I don't always use camp grounds. I just find discreet places. You can shower in truckstops.


3) Doing a little bit of work-over when the occasion arrises can help off set the price of gas if I were to do a more expensive trip.


4) Or I have the option to work part time for a friend and make a little extra money.


Though I have lots of hobbies and interest my life style is very simple so that keeps cost way down. Staying out of debt or having very little debt also helps. Which is also why I'm saving money for school instead of financing it. Anyway, this type of lifestyle wouldn't appeal to everyone but I say to each their own.

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