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Middle Georgia College - Aviation

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Well guys I just recently found out about and looked into Middle Georgia College's Aviation program online. They have Schweizers and have flight training included in their two, or four year degree programs. I'm mostly interested because it looks like a good way to get my training done a little bit cheaper, and earning a degree eventually is definitely a goal for me.


Their website left me a little unclear of all the details. Was wondering if anyone had any good information on them, or better yet someone with first hand experience at that school. If I'm reading it right, you can get all your ratings up to CFI by completing their two year course. I did notice they are VA approved, but was hoping since they are an academic college that better loans could be used to help finance some of the training.


One of my concerns about doing this is whether or not the helicopter training received would be more or less beneficial than a traditional flight school somewhere else? I say this for a couple reasons, mostly the fact that it appears to be much more fixed wing oriented. Also the location, which I wouldn't mind, does appear to be pretty isolated in central Georgia and I'm only guessing would be pretty distant from other helicopter schools/operations. Would this leave me less "connected" with the rest of the helicopter industry, in contrast to other popular locations?

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