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Im new at this and have a few questions. I live in indiana. I have always wanted to fly. To fly helicopters would be an amazing job. What can i do to prepare my self or what is the best way to go about getting my helicopter pilot's license.


I was looking into schools and found a few. Bristow Academy in FL looked good. Is the professional pilot program a good one? Is that a good deal?

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Do your research. There are a lot of good schools around the country, both big and small. Make lots of phone calls and visit the schools that look good to you. And like 67November said, read this forum. Most of your questions have been asked and answered already. Good Luck.

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I can tell you something about the FL location, it was not worth my time. I spent 10 weeks there in thier IR program and decided that enough was enough, came back to CA to finish the program. Long story short, foreign student contracts take priority and in the 2.5 months I was there, I flew a total of 4 times. The foreign guys are actually allowed to take your assigned aircraft last minute, the excuse bieng that they are flying on student visa's. I dont buy it, my money is just as good as thiers. A recent article in the WSJ talks of bribes coming from foreign military outfits seeking priority on the flight line....I dont know if its the same in the New Iberia location, my guess is not. Take it for what its worth, one mans experience at Bristow. Keep doing your research....good luck.

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