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Hey everyone,


I've been lurking around these boards for years, and now that some of the dust has settled from the Silver State debacle I figured it was time to start contributing to the board. I have found a lot of great information from a lot of great people on here, especially when I began training. Information about the industry that seems common sense to me now was a big mystery back then, and this site has helped many new people who are just starting. A little background; I trained and instructed in Arizona, and I'm currently working in the Gulf. I appreciate any tips or help with posting here, and hope y'all can bear with me while I learn.



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Hehe, yep I doubt ALL the dust from this will be settled for years to come. I don't think the helicopter forums have seen this much activity in a long time - maybe since the PHI strike.


I'm taking the user name "Eggbeater" from an experience I had. Tower told a cocky airplane pilot in the pattern to follow helicopter traffic (me), and he reported that he "had the eggbeater in sight". So instead of saying I was looking for the "stuck wing", I figured I'd embrace it as a term of endearment.

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