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Ground school help

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I have watched (mostly by borrowing) several different DVDs. Ihaven't been able to get my hands on the King's DVD's, however. But I have heard from many sources they have the best.


Even though I am Part 141, I do mostly home study, and use Ground for review. The test prep book is by far the best resource, as it not only leads the chapters and sections with a clear description (other than the section on ADF! Not so clear!!!), and after each question they explain the correct and incorrect answers. Very helpful.

ALso, this forum has proven invaluable to me to clarify topics. I use the search feature ad nausium.


Figure out which areas you are strong/weak at (aerodynamics/weather/regulations) and focus on that.


The problem I have had with several DVD's....BORING and ANNOYING speaker, or they have really "dumbed it down"...like they are talking to a 5 year old.


If you can find it, the book called "Cyclic and Collective" is incredible. Well written, clear, and humorus! Great learning tool and reference.

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King's school is a good set. It's more geared towards fixed wing, but you can get the helo add-on for it. I borrowed my dad's set and you can just skip the fixed wing stuff but learn all the good general aviation stuff. Very helpful.


I've ordered Cyclic and Collective and it's sitting at home waiting for me! Rotorcraft Flying Handbook is good too.

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