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how to manage my CPL-H?

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Which would be the cheapest way to obtain CPL-H if I have to begin ws zero, no knowledge at all about Helicopters?

Can I go for CPL-H straight away? Or shall I do PPL-H, build hours and then go on ws CPL-H?

And btw do I understand this right- once I have PPL-H, i can qualify for Instructors and build hours that way in order to get CPL-H?

Can some one explain me the way it goes up to CPL-H???


Kind regards

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Welcome to the board.


In short,


You must hold a Private before you can get your Commerical, unless you already hold an airplane license, or prior military experence.


but you will need 150 Hours Total Time


100 Hours Powered Aircraft of which

At least 50 in Helicopters

10 Hours instrument

10 Solo

5 Night


100 Pilot in Command of which

35 in Helicopters and

10 Cross country


Now a lot of that you will get by doing your Private which is,


40 Hours Helicopter

20 Training

10 Solo


There is a lot of sub requirements within those, but those are the bear minimums and most likely you will not do your check ride right at minimums. I don't think I know anyone who has ever done it right at minimums. All the requirements can be found HERE but the leagleese of the regs suck so read at your own risk of confusion.


I would strongly suggest that you get your private, hold on to that a little while and build some time and experiance, then go for your commerical. Just ask yourself, do you want to be a good pilot, or a pilot that just has the ratings and can fly. There is no exact progression of getting to Commerical, but it usually goes, Private, Commerical, Instrument (if your getting it), Instructor, Instrument Instructor. But it will require a commerical before you can do instructor because you will be receiving money for instructing.


It's not exactly an easy journey, but it's fun. You will have up's and down's (Pun intended) and get frusterated/mad, and want to quit. But in the long run it's all worth every minute of it. Just take it easy, enjoy it, and just absorb it, and you'll have a much better time. Feel free to ask as many question as you want, we all try to help out the best we can.


P.S. Welcome to the board.

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so I can only build hours towards to CPL-H and then become Instructor?


That's right.


Because instructing is 'commercial work' normally, and in any case should be done by the highest quality pilots the FAA has to offer, then a CPL is required before you can be an instructor.



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