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FAR/AIM in PDF or other offline electronic format?

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So I've looked around, and either I'm an idiot or this isn't available.


What I'd like is a FAR/AIM that is in PDF format, or some other electronic format that is searchable and usable offline. I've found the official site:




But that specifically says that you can't download the whole thing.


Am I missing something? or am I just out of luck?


While I'm ranting... :D Is it possible to get adigital version of sectional maps that isn't just a sectional map scanned in? (even the government ones appear to be just a scanned in map).


Thanks all!


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I got mine here and here. I use Plucker to convert it to Palm format so I can carry them with me. The first link is to the FARs in text and .pdf format. You can get the FARs in html format here. You can search any of these while online, or save them to your hard drive. There are several places that sell versions converted to various PDA formats.

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