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single-pilot and multi-pilot time


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I need the pilots flying the following helicopter types: SA-365, B-212, S-76, A-109s to tell me how you record the flight time in your logbook.

When and in what circumstances do you record it as: MULTI-PILOT TIME and SINGLE-PILOT TIME?

I would like to know how it is treated in different (FAA,CAA,JAA…) countries worldwide.

Thank you

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In Canada in an IFR machine...


For an FO it's all SIC if revenue passengers are carried. They can however sign off a line in the aircraft's book and log PIC with the Captain's permissions if no revenue pax are carried. But as the Captain is still the ultimate authority the Captain also logs any flight as PIC. In a case where there are 2 Captains they both log it as PIC, though the senior Captain will be the authority, the other is co-Captain.


I know squat about the SA-365, but for the S76, 212 and 109 they can all be flown single-pilot VFR only.

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Under FAA rules it is a little different. Under Part 91 or general aviation (not for hire) most helicopters are single pilot and only the PIC can log the flight time. There is no SIC required. So it can not be logged. Some helicopters require two pilots for all flights and others require SIC's for IFR flight. In that case the SIC can log all the time flown as SIC. Except when helicopter doesn't require a type rating (12,500 lbs or less). In that case the SIC may log PIC when the SIC is the sole manipulator of the controls.


Under Part 135, If the company assigns an SIC or an SIC is required by the type certificate or by regulation the SIC may log SIC time during all flight times. And PIC when the SIC is the sole manipulator of the controls.

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In the US there is no multi-pilot or single pilot time. It's just pilot time. If the regulations under which the operation is conducted require two pilots, then there are a few options. The pilot not flying can log SIC (CP) time for the entire flight when not flying. The PIC can log P time for the entire flight. The SIC can log P time for the time he operates the controls. For flights requiring only one pilot, the pilot operating the controls can log P time while flying. If there are two pilots, it's a stretch, IMO, to log SIC or CP time in this situation, but I'm certain many people do.

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