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To Build a Helicopter


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A few years back, probably around 2000-2001 or so, I believe it was the Discovery channel that had a series on that was called "To Build a Helicopter or Chopper". I've been looking for it, with no luck.


I've searched everywhere, and had no luck finding it. Its like it vanished into thin air!! LOL


It was about a guy that ordered a "kit" from Robinson for a build it yourself R-22. They walked thru pretty much the entire build and then showed him doing some flight training at the end in the heli that he built.


At that time, you could go to the Robinson site and it had it listed on there for the kit price....and I'm sure for safety reasons it is no longer being made available. Now that I'm a sudent, I just wanna watch it again and see the process.


If anyone has a copy, or knows where to locate a copy.......I'd appricate it!!



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The show was called "A Chopper is Born". It was a Rotorway 162F kit, not a R22. The R22 is not avail in kit form.



Thanks for the info. That name does ring a bell now.....LOL. I vaugly remember following a link they offered on the site though that lead me to the Robinson site. I'll look into it.....I've been wrong before.....Might be again!! Thanks Mechanic!



***Edit*** Your absolutely correct!! I just looked it up! Not sure how I ended up on the Robinson site back then.....but whatever.....was still a good show. thanks again for the help!!

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I've never heard of someone doing this to a Robbo, BUT I do remember a brilliant series on Discovery channel 'a Chopper is Born'. I had a quick look about and came up with this:



This is the one I've seen - it's great - not sure if it's the one you remember though.



Damn ... I was way too late off the mark there - sorry for the near duplication of post material, I started to reply to this then went out for a couple of hours, resumed when I got back only to find I'd been pipped at the post (Note to self; promise to answer posts quicker from now on)

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