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Bell 47 Video I made

Cruzin Chris

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As per some of your request on my former videos I have made two versions...


With Music:


With out Music:




Edited by Cruzin Chris
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Chris- Nice Job !


#1- I love the CARS


#2- I love the B 47


#3- Great paint job on that old ship. Just need to turn up that rotor audio level a bit...I couldnt hear the swish !



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Hey Chris! Is this the bird you were in?



It's for sale on trade-a-plane right now. Wish I could by it! I love the 47's. ya, they are slower than cars on the road, but fun to fly!


I must admit I really didn’t know much about this Bell 47 until I was invited to go for a spin at the last moment while I was in town (Enterprise, AL) for a check ride. It was a bit of “full circle” nostalgia for me, as my very first flight in a helicopter was a Bell 47 at a state fair outside Tampa, FL in the mid 80s. If I had the scratch to buy an actual helicopter it would be this one!

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