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Part 141 CPL / Instrument Question

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Reading thru the FAR's today (somewhat bored at times) and I ran acrossed something I would like some help on.


I am looking at starting my CPL shortly, and the school I am heading off to is part 141 which I would be working under. Basically the question is this: Is an IR a requirement prior to taking the CPL checkride under part 141? I did do some searching hereon VR and I couldn't find anything related specifically to my questions.


Reading thru the FAR's, I gleamed the following:


2. Eligibility for enrollment. A person must hold the following prior to enrolling in the flight portion of the commercial pilot certification course:


( a ) At least a private pilot certificate; and


( b ) If the course is for a rating in an airplane or a powered-lift category, then the person must:


(1) Hold an instrument rating in the aircraft that is appropriate to the aircraft category rating for which the course applies; or


(2) Be concurrently enrolled in an instrument rating course that is appropriate to the aircraft category rating for which the course applies, and pass the required instrument rating practical test prior to completing the commercial pilot certification course.


After reading the above, I am under the impression that an IR is not required to obtain a CPL under part 141. I have gotten several answers that say yes and no. From my limited understanding, a Helicopter is a under the Rotorcraft Catagory, therefore it is NOT under the Airplane Catagory or the Powered-lift Catagory. Am I reading and understanding this correctly?


I am aware that an IR is recommended and that you need the hours down the road anyways, but I am trying to get some clarification on the FAR's is all. Thanks for the assistance, and I look forward to input here!

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It isn't required by part 141, but I suspect that many schools have designed their commercial syllabi around students who have an instrument rating. For instance, at my school to be eligible for the commercial 141 program you have to have an instrument rating.


If you don't have an instrument rating you will need at least 10 hours of simulated instrument (141 or 61) to be eligible for a commercial certificate.

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Thanks guys for the input! I am not disputing the instrument time requirement (5 hours is listed seperately in another section in the same document). This past week I had someone say the opposite, but I think he was confusing it with the Airplane CPL, which the school has both F/W and R/W programs.

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I worked as an Instructor in a 141 school. I put through a few guys for their Instrument rating on their way to Commercial. Most of them I put through the full instrument course and check ride but there were a few that didn't require an IR, so I gave them their 10 hours of simulated instrument time and sent them on their merry way for their commercial check ride.


I think it just depends on whether your school has an approved 141 Commercial course that only includes the 10 hours under the hood. If not you may have to finish your commercial part 61 if you don't want the IR, which doesn't really matter in a 141 school as most of them will keep your part 61 training somewhat to the 141 syllabus anyway, as it's usually a good structure.


I do recommend getting your IR because as you say, you're going to need the hours anyway and you will become a smoother more efficient pilot during that training than doing a bunch of extra X-countrys solo(although they are alot more fun!!!).

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