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Will Ferry for Food

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New Commercial – Helicopter Rated pilot will ferry for expenses.


Over 1000 hrs total time

Over 400 hrs Cross country

Over 80 hrs night

Over 70 hrs Instrument

Over 130 hrs Helicopter

Over 200 hrs last 12 months (includes all helicopter time)


First Class Medical

Corrective Lenses Required


Commercial Certificate

Airplane - Single Engine Land

Rotorcraft – Helicopter

Instrument – Airplane

No Restrictions


Basic Ground Instructor


Certified Flight Instructor

Airplane – Single Engine Land


Robinson R22 SFAR 73 sign – off current

Robinson Factory Safety School


After a 20-year break I’m looking to re-start my professional flying career.  I have traveled extensively via ASEL both VFR and IFR on business.  I’m a mature, safety conscious individual who won’t take risks with your equipment. I have no other commitments other than your schedule to pressure go-no go decisions.


If you wish to assist an old dog in learning a new trick or have some advice or council to offer contact me @



Reply will be prompt.

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Don't do it for food, charge an honest fee, if not later you will be complaining that we don't get pay what we deserve, also you will be doing a favor to the rest of us that we are trying to survive in this business:angry:
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That was a bit of a joke - see the smilie?  :D


Unfortunatly the way the system works until you have scads of experiance you have to fly cheap. I wish it where different, but new guy's aren't the ones with the power to change things. When you have 130 in the log and NEED 200 and can't afford to pay for it yourself it gets a little tough to turn down anything you can get.

If the experianced pilots want to change this system they have to work with operators to give new pilots a break. But thats sort of a conflct of interest too now isn't it?   ???

I'd be overjoyed to make a long term commitment (at a living wage) to an operator in return for getting my start.


Besides, I really doubt anyone will take me up on either offer.  :down:


Either way this is not the place to debate this. That would be in the General Helicopter forum.

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