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Hi Folks, i have been lurking for a while and decided to say hello. I also wanted to say that i feel for the folks out there involved with SS and sincerely hope things work out for them all (well, most of them anyway). I especially feel for the younger ones that are just getting started... keep your chin up and think positive thru this all.. i believe things work out for the best if you let them... just don't give up on your dreams. I am currently working on my private at Rotors of the Rockies and have done a review on the school in the review section. Although i am retired already and probably look at this differently than most my goal is still to get my instructor rating and teach for a while to build hours... and keep my options open after that. So if i can help anyone with area info i am here as much as i can be.







"pray to God but keep rowing to shore"

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