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Several questions about anything relating to life as a pilot


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As mentioned before, I am really concidering educating as a pilot, however, the education and job marked seems really hard and tough.

Has anyone taken the education in spain? I think that would be a great place, concidering that I don't have to convert(as I do in US). Any experiences? Any other recommended solutions(except Hilsboro and Bristow)?

How do you afford the education?

What about when you get old, and are not capable of operating a helicopter, and don't pass the medical requirements anymore? What other jobs is there then? When do most pilots retire?

Does the jobmarked change alot, and quickly?


Feel free to post anything relating to these topics. Cincerely, Morten.

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Dude, you're totally making us MotoX'ers look like uneducated fools.


uuugggg....where to start....

No don't know anything about spain

Go to any helicopter school that has a helicopter and an instructor that you like

you save your money and invest wisely in your education

you better have a back up plan

you become management or start greeting people at walmart

between 60 and 70

yes, yes

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