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Instrument Rating.

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Its not difficult at all. You just need the minimums for the helicopter catagory as you stated, and the test.


For the differences, you will probably never fly actual IFR in a helicopter since few aircraft are set that way. All the approaches, fixes, routes, etc are the same except for weather and visibility requirements. And of course the helipad approach! (airplane can't do that one!)




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Im not dual rated, but Ive heared from guys who are that the Helicopter IR training was more difficult, this was after they had f/x IR ratings. Like BFG says, the principles are the same, but the point is different, very few helo's actually fly IFR, as we can fly much lower if need be so the point of an IR according to my DPE would be that one learn control the helicopter with reference to instrument more in case of emergency or disorientation....safety. With that said, if youve been through the fixie IR, no sweat!

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