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Any idea about LA helicopters ?

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Im from India and i have absolutely no idea about the training academies in USA.I would have to wait for a whole month more to get into bristow as its booked so deciding to go ahead with LA helicopters.ANy suggestions?


Shankey- check out the search button up top, and the "reviews" tab..and read up on flight schools in the LA area. VR doesnt want the forums turning into nothing but free advertising for flight schools. However, you asked me my opinion...I have done biz with LA Helicopters....they are one of only two that I personally recommend in the LA area.


Good Luck, fly safe,



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I second Goldy, I would recommend LA Helicopters as well. However, just like all things, look around at several places and talk with students and instructors. You should even go on a "demo" flight. This will give you a good insight as to how the school operates.









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