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March 10th Robinson Safety Course

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Cool thing about living in torrance, is i get to meet a lot of you pilots I wouldn't otherwise meet. Everyone always wants to know good places to eat! I'll see you guys flying around torrance and i'm quite sure i'll hear you all like crazy (the hospital, which is a common reference point before entering the torrance airspace) is about 3 minutes from where I live. Always get to hear the helicopters hovering around waiting to get into toa =D


Have fun, fly safe and watch for the wires!

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I'm trying to get in ASAP. Just waiting for my CFI to hear back from them. So i just may be there one of those weeks...



Dont wait for your CFI to get you in. Start getting involved and call them yourself, and get in asap. If you are serious about flying, you are going to need to just dive right in.


In the end, you will be better for it. Last year when I added on my CFI, I had to make ALL of the arrangements for the testing. It was nice to be able to get things done without waiting to hear from the school.

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There's one in a shopping center on the northeast side of the airport. About 3-4 miles from the factory.


I always get 2 Double-Doubles myself. Miss having those ever since I moved out to Texas.



is there an in-n-out burger around the RHC factory? also, what combo should i get. thanks.
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If you take a left from the robinsons factory, follow the street down.. Take a left on crenshaw.. drive for a bit, you will see it about a 2 street lights down on the left side in the "Torrance Crossroads"


Order a double double animal style.. I don't do the animal style, but most guys I know love it

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