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Need a Job and have 400 hrs?


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This looks like an excellent opportunity for someone who is starting:


Position: Photo/Film Pilot Posted: 2/26/2008

Company :

Air Photo, Inc.

(p) 8008796235

(f) 4252529982

(e) cj@airphotoinc.com

Contact Person :



Job Location :


Job Description:

Air Photo Inc. has openings for 2 full time R-22 pilots with a minimum of 400 hours. this position consists of traveling across the U.S. starting at the end of March and continuing non-stop until late November, with a two week break in August. Flight time for season = approx 600-700hrs. A salary of $600 per week will be paid against $30 per hob hour. Completion of Robinson safety course required plus pre-employement drug testing.


Good luck!

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I had this crazy idea years ago (many) (years NOT ideas) ( well many crazy ideas years ago too) to do this same thing-----film alot of cities/shots all across the country & then sell them to the movie business. If this isnt what was in mind? Then i just gave some one an idea ! Go for it !

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$600/week buys a lot of Top Ramen and peanut butter sandwiches... :unsure:


Is this really what new R22 pilots are earning?!?!


ramen noodles & peanut butter samiches arent just for breakfast any more ! :o


thanks for the dinner idea ! :D


they are even better w/hot peppers <_<

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Six hundred is a minimum base, or the gaurantee. If the job runs for nine months as stated at the beginning of the thread, then six hundred dollars a month is only 5,400 dollars. Thirty dollars per flight hour at 700 hours is twenty one thousand, for the same time period. If you only fly 20 hours then you break even at the six hundred dollar mark. Once you go over that, you're getting an additional 30 dollars for every hour you fly. A lot of companies, including all the airlines, do this same thing.

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