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ENG Training - As such

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There are not any schools that I know of that teach an ENG course. But if you are interested just work on OGE hovers, turning the helicopter while keeping the airframe level, and watch the news alot and see how the News pilots set up there shots. Then fly around and try to imagine how you would set the shot up. You want to tell the story with the camera.

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Does anyone know of a school that's specifically dedicated, or has a "section" dedicated to training for work in ENG? Just a thought that came to mind from another thread - Prefer something near Las Vegas our So. Cal.




Bristow Academy has a long line, NVG, and Mountain course if you want to waste some cash.

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ENG is so easy when it come to the flying. All you do is keep a set altitude and fly circles around the scene, or set up a OGE hover and keep your nose into the wind. The only challenging part is working the radios with the news station, Police, EMS, and other ENG heli's during a police chase going through multiple airspaces like class B. (PHX summer of 2007) At our company, we as pilots never had to talk on air. It was always a reporter doing the live news report. That was nice. It makes me really respect individuals like Bruce H in PHX (channel 3)

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