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Cyclic & Collective \ Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies

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Has anyone read Cyclic and Collective? At heli-expo i got to hang out with the author, Shawn Coyle, and his book was highly recommended from various people. Can anyone compare this to any other study/reading material and recommend it or any other titles?


Also, I met Phil Croucher who is author of many books, one of which he personally recommended to me and anyone who is a pilot: Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies. Comments, criticism?


Thanks in advance.


(mind you, this is not for fictional titles, only real-world 'academic' books)

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Cyclic and Collective is one of the easiest reads and most informative books out there. As a student, my instructor highly recommended his first book, The Art and Science of Flying Helicopters, and I in turn did the same for my students. This is his more recent publication, and he has been in works (for a while) on number three. His publication company has also re-printed the long out of press "Helicopter Aerodynamics" series by Prouty. I have the original three, and I am still going to buy the re-print just to have all in one place. Coyle has an interesting take on things and reading his book is about as close as I have seen to a conversation about helicopters put to print. I think it's a much easier read then Wagdendonk, and much better than anything the FAA has put out.

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Cyclic & Collective is best helicopter "textbook" I have read. It is also the most enjoyable to read (When was the last time you found yourself chuckling at the Rotorcraft Flying Handbook?). Coyle's book provides more depth and detail than other books I have read, but it does so in such a way that it is still very accessible and easy to comprehend. I have had it for a few years now and I still pick it up occasionally when I need a good read to pass the time.

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Thanks for the positive comments about Phil & Shawn and our books!! We enjoyed meeting many of you at Heli-Expo.


C of G, sorry I missed you!!





Hey Matt,


Yea, I missed all of Expo this year, I had to work. I am enjoying my two weeks off at the moment, though. I hope it was a good trip for you. Take care...........

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