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I'm trying to look at different places for my DA 160 (the one with the wish list of 3 places we'd like to be stationed). My problem is that I'm trying to find some that my wife will be able to get a civilian job related to her MOS (cryptologic linguist - Arabic) that also have aviation units. I can find the locations that she can get jobs, but am having trouble finding a comprehensive site that shows where aviation units are located. Any advice?




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Blake, I don't know if your looking at Army Aviation or National Guard Army Aviation? If it's the latter then we have an NGAA combat support unit here in St Paul, MN A female pilot from there was featured on the cover of the Parade magazene a week ago. the state university also has a liguistics program that your wife can check into.


hope this helps


fly safe



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Okay, I am a Chinook Crewchief, and WOC hopeful as well. I have read many forum through and through but never make any posts. Finally one I can answer on intelligently.


Being that I am a Hooker, I can only comment on Hooker locations.




Fort Hood, TX

Savannah, GA Hunter AAF

Fort Riley, KS

Fort Bragg, NC

Fort Drum, NY

Fort Campbell, KY

Fort Rucker, AL ( Im sure IPs and maybe MEs, MPs as well )

Fort Lewis, WA ( Task Force 160th SOAR - must complete tour in regular line unit first, be a Pilor in Command as well )







Korea<-----------Dependent Restricted for most enlisted, command sponsored with dependents for E-7 +, great place for a family.


Sinai - Egypt <---Dependent Restricted for enlisted not sure about WOs



Blackhawks guys can go pretty much anywhere, with limitations of course. They have the most assignment opportunities for sure though. There also a lot more Blackhawks out there too.


Kiowas - NO CLUE


Alaska just got the 58 unit from Hawaii. So there is one place.




From my understanding they have very few assignment locations as well


I know of:





Europe maybe

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