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Hi all,

Great forum, lots of info relevant for a newbie, usually don't have to post as if I search long enough I can find answers to my questions, I searched and couldn't find an answer to this one.

Question out of left field but don't really know where else to ask ........ I have been training in the USA private through to Commercial.

Due to funding issues have to return to work for a few months, anyone have any info on schools/operators where I can keep skills current in west Africa, will be based in Kenya (non flying job) and don't want to waste the time and effort spent to date.

I know from the net there is a heap of schools in South Africa, one in Kenya Everett that utilise Enstrom, and even one in nearby Rwanda Akagera aviation that use r-44 (awaiting reply on availability of training from these two).

Anyone with any experiences of Everett or Akagera and can share these that would be great.

Any advice or info much appreciated.



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May i suggest that you ask your question in pprune.org, either flight training forum or rotorheads forum. There's a dedicated thread for all the helicopter training-related questions in Rotorheads forum.


Not to take anything away from Verticalreference forum, but there seems to be much more people posting from every corner of the globe in Pprune, this site seems to be more related to North American helicopter industry. There's many Americans flying in African continent but i think most are flying off-shore and don't necessarily know much about training industry there.


Both are great forums but your particular question could be better answered there.



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