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Gentex HGU 84/P


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I am looking forward to buy a Gentex HGU 84/P ,because the SPH-4 is way to big for a tall guy like me (6'7 ) in a "small" 206 cockpit.


The thing is with the SPH4, it makes me couple inches taller ...so because of that I am not really able to sit straight and it seems like that the design of the HGU-84/P could give me a couple of inches more space between helmet and the roof of the cockpit.


Is there anybody who can confirm my assumption ?






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Hey Falko,



The Hgu 84 is a little bit smaller, But Im not sure what seats you have in the 206, I can't fit in a 206 with a sph4 with the older "tall" frame seats and Im 6'3". My suggestion is to check out Oregon Aero and they have 206 Seats that are pretty comfy and they will make it to your specifications by taking out some of the cushion out of the seat and back.

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I don't mean to take this discussion on a tangent, but I am new to the 206 and am 6'0" tall. Is it just me, or is there no way to sit in that thing without your back getting pissed off at you?


Nope. No way at all. I'm 5'8" and my back hurts after a couple of hours in a 206. Best thing you can do is buy a lumbar support, and some extra padding that you can put on the seat.


I use one of these as a lumbar support. It also makes a great pillow for sleeping in the back of a 206.

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