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First I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for there most invaluable information, it really helped me a lot to get started.


Now the good part. My flight training finally begun, and it was a blast. We flew out to our training area and the first thing we tried was to hover :D . Let me tell you it wasn't easy, but I actually didn't do that bad for my first time. I was actually able to keep the helo in one spot(for about a minute). We did some regular takeoffs and approaches and practiced hovering a lot, still not that good but tomorrow I'm going back for my second lesson, Cant wait!!!


Thanks again to everyone on this site for being there to answer question's for us newbies.


I'll make sure to keep everyone updated on my progress.


Thanks again Alex

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Right now I'm training with Patrick, But I'm scheduled to fly with Massimo as well.


Were you or are you a student there?


Not a student, just a friend of Danielle, the new CFI there. Thought maybe you got lucky enough to fly with her...wink wink

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