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PIC today!

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Started out at KCCR (Concord) Flew over to 088 (Rio Vista) Joined the pattern, did a couple of laps and the instructor got out.

"Watch your RPM's, Keep it at 500', Don't break the helicopter."

"Roger..... take this camera with you"

"WOW this thing is LIGHT! Cyclic is sensitive, Stabilize the ship....."

"What's that static? He left the hot mic on, I gotta set this thing back down and switch it off!!! I think he wanted to see if I'd try it in a hover... @#$#.... Second pick-up a lot nicer and more stable..."

"Normal take-off, 300' indicated, 60 kts start crosswind turn.....nice...."

"500' 70 kts,.... turn downwind...... 25 inches of manifold pressure oughta do it.... 70 kts... still climbing..... nobody there tapping on the glass of my altimeter.... better fix it.....23 inches oughta work...... HOLY COW those RPM's raced up quick!!! Nobody there to tap on my tach and give me dirty looks.... Better fix it quick, I'm sure he can hear it down there!"

"Time to turn final, 300' 60 kts, easy girl..... lets start slowing down...... there's my sight picture..... let's keep it there all the way in....... all the way to to the pad........ there's ETL , descent rate less than 300' per min..... nice!"

Down to a hover, nice and easy, let's get this thing on the ground....... I did it!!! First Solo!!! :D :D :D :D :D

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It's one of those experiences you'll never ever forget. Remember how difficult you though it was when you first tried to hover? Isn't it amazing that in a relatively small amount of time you are solo in your ship making all of your own decisions.

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Started out at KCCR (Concord) Flew over to 088 (Rio Vista) Joined the pattern, did a couple of laps and the instructor got out.

Rio Vista, as in Rio Vista, California? As near Travis A.F.B. (KSUU)?


Just wondering.



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Boat Fixer, I like Rio Vista OK, been there a couple of times doing patterns and settling with power and such.... Decided to do the solo there because of it's proximity to KCCR and light traffic..... "our little airport in the delta?" Do you fly in and out of there a lot?


Witch... That's the one!


One thing I noticed was that on my way back to Concord, there was a new girl in the tower..... let's say I could just tell she was new to ATC.... Now, I don't know if it was the fact that I just flew solo and my confidence was boosted or that she was making mistakes that I had to correct..... but my radio work was improved ten-fold! I actually felt like I was helping her instead of trying ATC's patience..... Just an afterthought...


Thanks HVG! Yeah I was talking to myself a lot! A lot of that post was stuff I said to myself (left out the words that would get me kicked off of here :-)


Thanks Tom..... Seems like forever ago!

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