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Headset recommendations

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I know, i know. another headset thread. I searched a lot and i cant quite answer all of my questions.


I am a fairly new student, i want a good, but not all that expensive headset. I have narrowed it down to a few choices.


The pilot usa PA 1161-TH


The DC 10-13.4


The AvComm AC747


The DC is the costliest of the bunch, and the pilot usa is the least, but the spread is minimal. Is one significantly better then the other? Is there better ones for similar costs that are better? And is there an added benefit to ANR headsets?



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Personally, i prefer a lightweight in-the-ear headset. They're more comfortable, and give much better hearing protection. They're also generally a little cheaper. Some ANR headsets provide only minimal passive protection, and when (not if) the batteries or electronics die, you have almost no hearing protection at all. I would avoid those like the plague. The lightweight models are as simple as you can get, and the earplugs work no matter what happens to the electronics. Not everyone agrees with me on this.

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I have to agree with Gomer. Sans one thing-even if the ANR goes, there is still some protection, and that is better than nothing.


That said, in-the-ear is the way to go as far as I'm concerned. I retrofitted my DC 10-30 with CEP, and it is the best. I can hardly hear the engine over my tinnitis, which is good because that tells me that the damage is slowing down a little. The problem though is the radio. The radio volume and IC volume are two different things resulting in a louder IC.


Also, with the in-the-ear CEP, you get the added protection of the headset, which makes it very quiet. If the CEP goes out or you forget to put them in, your headset will still work.


In short, they're awesome.



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Like the in ear units but had to have custom ear molds, cant get on with the standard type inserts.

Am using Lightspeed Mach 1 at present but we also have Pilot ANR head sets which I like as well, they have fair passive attenuation.

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