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Tail Rotor Shaft Alignment

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I was hoping someone can tell me about checking the Tail rotor shaft alignment of a 300CB. I know you have to turn the shaft to the 'notch', but what do you check after that (what are you looking for after you turn the shaft, what are you checking)? Anyone know of any good videos that might demonstrate (or pics).

Thanks for any info :huh:

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For what little it may be worth... I have flown Schweizers with two types of alignment procedures. The older shafts had a cup style grease fitting that lines up in the center of the hole on top of the tail rotor gearbox. The other type has another mark on the shaft that is visible, and aligned with another mark, in the hole in the top of the tail rotor gearbox.

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Thanks for the replies. The reason i asked is because of the Bristow video. In their video it shows a hole near the TR blades...I could have sworn I have been checking something much closer to the "middle of the shaft". I also do not recall markings...I thought I was checking by pressing my finger in the hole and feeling for a piece that goes down when I press. Does this sound correct? 300CB


Thanks again for all the comments, helps alot...I thought I was missing something...now I know I am just missing part of it :)

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