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Flight Training in Maryland

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Looking at getting the PPL for helicopters. There are three schools in my area. I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on them. They are


Horizon in Newark, De


Advanced Helicopter in Frederick Md


Helicopter Academy in Stevensville, Md



I have heard all good about Advanced Helicopter. I couldnt find any feedback on Helicopter Academy or Horizon. I did see that Horizon trains on a Enstrom 280 FX-Turbo vs most places training on the R22. Are there any pros or cons to that?


Also, I live really close to Martin State Airport. I think Helicopter High used to train out of there, but heard they are out of business. Would there happen to be anyother flight schools at Martin's?


Thanks for any information



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Helicopter Academy is seasonal training at best. Maybe May thru October in Maryland.

Advanced Helicopters is a very good place to train. They have Mike Zangara giving checkrides there, one of the best 22 pilots in the country.

Martins has no flight schools at this time. Heli-Photo operates out of there, an aerial photography company, that could help you after you get your commercial ticket.

Hope this helps.


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