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Leading Edge Aviation, Inc and COCC

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Hello All,


I'm new to this website as a registered user. Although, I have been using the forums for research purposes. I'm very interested in learning to fly helicopters. I'm interested in an aviation program that Central Oregon Community College and Leading Edge Aviation, Inc offer. I've read and heard good things about John Miller, the program director. Can anyone offer any input or experiences with either of these organizations?


Thanks in advance!

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I am in C.O. also and have been looking into heli training for over a year now. I initially was looking at Hillsboro until Leading Edge opened here and I went to check them out. I haven't met John Miller but I did speak to a CFI there named Brandon (I think) for about 45 minutes. He was very helpful with the tons of questions I had, explained things I didn't understand, and also recommended things I hadn't thought of.

Because I am not a small guy, and me in a Robbie is comical to say the least, he actually recommended Precision Aviation in Newberg (which I had never heard of) and the Schwiezers. I was very impressed with him after just talking with him for that amount of time.


As far as COCC I'm not familiar with their offerings since I'm not going through them for my training, but the website is here.


If you have any more questions that I can try to help with lemme know.

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LEA is an awesome school to fly with, especially out in Bend. They are working on opening up another location in Salem very soon. I think you should just go visit their hangar in Bend, if thats close for you. Talk to Will Olsen, the chief and DPE there, he is one heck of a nice guy with tons of experience in the helo industry. All of the instructors are super nice, down to earth people and everyone there makes you feel at home. Their administrative staff is very on point and always returns calls and emails. I currently fly with them and will be finishing my training there very shortly and have just had a great experience thus far. If you have any other questions please dont hesitate to PM me anytime.

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If you want a college degree with your ratings the only other flight school other than Leading Edge in Oregon is Hillsboro Aviation. I have not heard any negative feedback on Leading Edge on this or other forums. Hillsboro may have a a few negative feed backs but they have been in business over 20 years and are bound to have some unhappy students.


What you need to find out is do you require a part 141 flight school for financing? What is the student to instructor ratios? Are they a factory certified service center for the type of aircraft flown? Other considerations would be what is the Chief Pilots experience and hours flown? Do all of the CFI's have advanced instument ratings? Do they have a simulator to reduce your costs for flight training? Do they have an instrument trainer? Do they have enough aircraft so maintenance issues do not create scheduling issues? Just some thoughts to pass on.

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