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Need a safey topic


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Anyone have any good safety topics for a meeting. It seems we hit night flight and aero medical factors over and over. Please name as many as possible.

Thanks again.



Non pilot operations around a helicopter. Good for ground personnel, first responders, office types, cops.


Safe LZ operations- How to set up an LZ ..in a hurry. What to look for, what the ship and pilot needs from you on the ground.


Effective communications- In Los Angeles the word "assistance" is a routine call for back up for the CHP...for anyone else...it means "help". Get everyone on the same lingo (kinda like ATC and pilots). Learn not only the lingo, but when and how to apply it, and the technical uses of various radio systems on board an aircraft. Good time to include talk on the ELT, how it works, how and when to deploy it. 121/243 vs. 406, ELT vs EPIRB..I could go on for hours...


Hard to tell what you are looking for, not knowing what type of flying you do !!



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You could put together a training class on Risk Assessment / Decision Making. You should be able to Google this subject and get a bunch of information. Just remember to specify aviation risk assessment / decision making to narrow down the information download. Good luck


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